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For potential clients, Georgia Tech Ph.D. students have proven track records in tenaciously and successfully attacking new problems, and are eager to help identify, assess, and address your business problems. The students are well-versed in the principle of management consulting, and they possess a rich diversity of technical background and knowledge. The student will intend to conduct a concrete fact-based analysis of the problem and deliver recommendations for practical and actionable solutions.


If you are interested in the services of our volunteer consultants, contact us at, and we will discuss how we can help you.



We are in the process of reaching out to local businesses through their connections to Georgia Tech (e.g.: through the SAA and the ATDC) to find suitable projects. Once we have lined up projects of the appropriate scope and objectives, we will be deploying our teams of highly enthusiastic and capable volunteers.

Get in touch with our board members by email  or by LinkedIn 

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